Ascent II

This project was designed for the Installation Garden in the newly renovated Gallery and Visitors Center at Penland School of Crafts. The piece consists of seven juniper trees spiraling out from a central point within the courtyard. Vinyl mesh cones were fabricated in order to hold and embrace each growing tree, eventually suspending them above the ground. This fabric was chosen for its durability and its resemblance to natural burlap, the material used to wrap a tree’s roots for transport. In addition, steel rings and legs are utilized mainly for structure, but add an element of simple line aesthetics to the overall piece. Rather than seven separate entities, Ascent II is to be viewed as a transition in the life of one juniper tree; grounded, gradually uprooted and then existing in a higher spiritual realm. The installation was on view from March-June, 2016.

Ascent II / 2016 / Steel, vinyl, grommets, cable, soil, juniper trees / 9' x 40' x 15'